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The HTMR Trial Conduct Working Group webinars 2016 - 2018

Earlier webinar recordings and further information are available on the Trials Conduct Working Group page of the MRC website.

The communication of retention and withdrawal within Patient Information Leaflets

Anna Kearney, December 2019

THE PEOPLE’S TRIAL – Powered by the Public

Sandra Galvin & Elaine Finucane, November 2019

Optimising trial recruitment through enhanced clinician engagement: how surgical trainees can work together to achieve success

Clare Clement, March 2019

Review of reporting of time-to-event analyses and the proportional hazards assumption in meta-analysis

Ashma Krishan, February 2019

How are phase III trials in the UK monitored? The story from the registered CTUs

Sharon Love and Vicki Yorke-Edwards, January 2019

Making more of your study by using SWATs

Lucy Culliford, November 2018

Challenges of conducting a pre-hospital emergency care trial: experiences from the PARAMEDIC2 trial

Charlotte Scomparin, October 2018

Mapping recruitment literature: what’s next?

Anna Kearney, September 2018

Ethical Issues in Emergency Cardiovascular Trials

Alexander Perkins, June 2018

Audio-recording recruitment consultations – an exploratory study in two RCTs to investigate the impact on randomisation rates

Professor Chris Rogers, May 2018

Changing platforms without stopping the train: a data management perspective on the operational aspects of adaptive platform trials

Lindsey Masters, April 2018

This is a platform alteration: a trial management perspective on the operational aspects of adaptive and platform protocols

Dr Francesca Schiavone, April 2018

Achieving clinician buy-in for challenging trials: lessons from the paediatric critical care setting

Dr Kerry Woolfall, March 2018

Recruitment in HIV trials: challenges and lessons

Dr Lucy Campbell, January 2018

Triggered or routine site monitoring visits for randomised controlled trials? Results of TEMPER, a prospective, matched-pair study

William Cragg, October 2017

Why we should do recruitment and retention projections, and how to use them.
Professor Shaun Treweek, May 2017

Methods to manage the randomisation and treatment of patients 24/7 in a large multi-centre RCT.

Dr Rachel Brierley, March 2017

Recruiting 15,000 trial participants by mail

Dr Louise Bowman, February 2017

What are TwiCs and how are they being used?

Dr Clare Relton, January 2017


The ORRCA database: helping you access relevant recruitment research for clinical trials

Anna Kearney, December 2016

You have to keep your nerve on a DMC: challenges for data monitoring committees in a neonatal intensive care trials

Dr Claire Snowden, May 2016

Clinical trials safety and regulation: application of risk-based methodological approaches

Dr Christina Reith, February 2016 

Overcoming challenges of setting up and running a large and complex pre-hospital trial: Airways-2

Jodi Taylor, December 2015

Experiences and lessons learnt in developing an dmanaging a cluster randomised sexual health trial

Lisa Maguire, October 2015

Enhancing recruitment and retention in surgical trials: could patient and public involvement (PPI) be the key?

Jo Crocker, September 2015

Trial steering committees for randomised controlled trials - a review of current practice

Beth Conroy and Nicola Harman, July 2015

Development of guidance for statistical analysis plans

Ashma Krishan, June 2015