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Prospective studies

Large population-based observational studies are a valuable way of investigating potential causes of common chronic diseases. We have pioneered innovative methods to recruit and follow-up very large numbers of people, and several of our studies are exploring the use of novel genetic and metabolomic approaches to establishing disease aetiology. We are currently coordinating two programmes of research involving some of the world’s largest prospective studies.

The China Kadoorie Biobank is an observational study of 0.5 million people led by Professor Zhengming Chen.

A second programme, Large Scale Observational Studies in Diverse Populations, collectively involves 1.4 million participants. This programme is led jointly by Associate Professors Sarah Lewington and Jonathan Emberson and involves collaboration with researchers in low and middle income countries. It aims to generate reliable evidence about the importance of common risk factors for premature death such as smoking, alcohol and obesity. 

Programme Leaders

  • Zhengming Chen
    Zhengming Chen

    Professor of Epidemiology and Director of China Programmes

  • Jonathan Emberson
    Jonathan Emberson

    Associate Professor, Medical Statistics and Epidemiology

  • Sarah Lewington
    Sarah Lewington

    Professor of Epidemiology and Medical Statistics, Director of Graduate Studies (Taught courses)