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Maximising the potential of big data in health research

The emergence of new digital technologies is allowing huge quantities of information on health exposures and outcomes to be captured, stored, and analysed using advanced statistical techniques. ‘Big Data’ will provide new ways to conduct research and offers the potential of a dramatic increase in the scale and efficiency of clinical studies. We are capitalising on this opportunity through our involvement in Oxford’s new Big Data Institute, opened in 2017, which will enhance the close collaboration between clinical epidemiologists, statisticians, computer scientists, engineers and ethicists necessary to develop this field of science. 

The Deputy Director of the Big Data Institute, Professor Martin Landray is leading a pioneering programme of work within PHRU that aims to harness Big Data methodology to facilitate large-scale epidemiological studies and improve the efficiency of randomised trials by identifying barriers to their efficient conduct.

Programme Leader

  • Martin Landray
    Martin Landray

    Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology; Deputy Director, Big Data Institute