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Our research aims to produce reliable answers to important questions about the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

We ensure reliability by designing very large studies to minimise the play of chance and, where possible, avoid bias for example, by randomisation. We are able to run very large, cost-efficient, studies through enabling technologies which include innovative information technology systems, and large-scale processing of biosamples in our epidemiological laboratories.

Our research programmes adopt several different methodological approaches. Our prospective studies typically involve over 100,000 participants, and we study populations that differ markedly in patterns of disease and exposures.

We have run some of the world’s largest randomised trials with a particular focus on drugs that modify blood cholesterol. Our programme of work in methodological innovation is exploring opportunities provided by Big Data, such as routine health records, and addressing barriers to conducting large trials.

We also specialise in meta-analyses of individual patient data from all randomised trials that have addressed the same or a similar question. We focus on breast cancer, a major cause of death and morbidity in women, and on vascular disease where, for example, we coordinate a very large meta-analysis of statin trials.